A stunning example of hand pieced patchwork

May 18, 2011

I’m back from my holiday!

It feels like I have been away a long time. Overall, travelling with a baby was actually probably easier than I was expecting – though having a spare pair of hands with us at all times probably had something to do with that  – thank you mum-in-law! Little E was very good on the flights (12-13 hours each way, with four connecting flights during the three weeks we were there), and she seems to be a natural born traveller: she had such a great time meeting our rather large extended family. My husband’s mum is from Malaysia and she is one of 8 siblings, each of whom has their own family too, so there were a LOT of people, and lots of willing play companions. But she took it all in her stride and really enjoyed all the new sights, sounds, peoples, and experiences.

Travelling in style

Whilst out there we were so busy visiting relatives that I never got the chance to visit any fabric shops, but I did get to see a stunningly beautiful example of hand pieced patchwork that one of my husband’s cousins had produced with the help of other family members.

A stunning example of hand piecing over papers

I don’t know much about patchwork, and maybe this technique is more common than I realise, but what was even more amazing is that it was created by hand piecing over papers. Each little hexagon has got a paper hexagon still sitting inside it. Am I right in thinking that this very traditional, time intensive method is becoming a bit of a lost art?

The panel of four butterflies has taken them a year to sew. I don’t know how big the end result will be, but I can’t wait to see their progress next time I visit Malaysia!


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