The cheeky monkey princess, the peach, and the wriggly noodle

May 23, 2011

I got a very special parcel in the post last week…

When little E was first born, we called her our cheeky monkey, but when she was still in my tummy her nickname was Peach. In those early hazy days of new motherhood, I used to tell her endless stories about the cheeky monkey princess and her friend the peach, who lived in the cheeky monkey princess’s pocket.

After a few weeks, little E’s nickname evolved to her being our wriggly noodle. So the cheeky monkey princess and the peach got a new friend, the wriggly noodle, who lives in the cheeky monkey princess’s other pocket. Even though she’s still too young to understand any of it, I love telling little E about the amazing adventures they have together.

A month or so before her first birthday I thought how nice it would be to have actual real toys of the cheeky monkey princess, the peach, and the wriggly noodle, to help bring the stories to life. I don’t have a clue how to knit or crochet so I scoured Etsy, and after some messages from a couple of sellers ended up commissioning makeamemory to create the toys for me.

The Cheeky Monkey Princess, the Peach, and the Wriggly Noodle

Wouldn’t you agree she did a rather splendid job? And for a very reasonable price too. Sadly, she has now closed down her Etsy shop, so this must have been one of her final makes.

Happy Birthday my darling little E!

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Tabatha Tweedie May 24, 2011 at 9:57 am

Happy Birthday to Little E!


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