June Challenge: 30 minutes for 30 days

May 31, 2011

Finding the time to sew in between the playtime, baby activities, cooking, feeding baby, cleaning up after baby, cleaning the house, and not to mention spending a bit of time with hubby, has been a real challenge. When I sold my business I thought I’d have so much more free time to sew, but as it happens instead my extra time has been filled with just being more relaxed about things (no longer running around frantically like a crazy lady), finally getting my house in order after months of neglect, and most of all, spending more quality time with little E.

But I so want to find a little time in every week for being creative. I find sewing so relaxing and therapeutic, and it would be so nice to have just that little bit of ‘me’ time. Plus I have a hee-uge fabric stash that is crying out to be sewn!!

I was really inspired when Tabatha over at Thread Carefully began (and completed) an April Challenge to sew at least two hours every day in April. She’s in a similar position to me, with a young child to look after, and so I figured I really don’t have any excuses not to get my rear into gear anymore.

I decided that setting myself a similar challenge will really help me get in to a regular habit of sewing. But I know already there is absolutely NO WAY I will be able to manage two hours of sewing a day. I am so in awe of Tabatha for doing that, but I know I won’t manage it and I don’t want to set myself up to fail before I even begin. So, I’m going to be gentle and start with a much more manageable thirty minutes a day.

My June Challenge is to sew for at least thirty minutes a day for the next thirty days.

My main concern is that it normally takes about half an hour to get going whenever I sew – you know, taking the materials out, working out what needs to be done next, and then… woops, time’s up! I don’t have a permanent sewing area so I have to take the machine and materials out, and then tidy them away again, every day. Hopefully throughout this month I will get faster and faster with practice, and better at letting go of my perfectionism, which often paralyses me into inaction.

Have any of you got experience of sewing in short bursts? Do you have any tips to share? If so please leave a comment as all advice gratefully received. And if anyone wants to join me, the more the merrier! I’d love to have some challenge companions :)

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Fiona June 7, 2011 at 9:08 pm

Sounds like a great idea, I really need to do something like that soon. I have to clear the kitchen table and set the machine up every time too so it feels like too much hassle. I’ve taken to hand sewing in front of the telly a bit in the evenings. Takes a hell of a lot longer but less disruption and hassle!


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