30 minutes for 30 days – Day 1

June 2, 2011

So I spent my 30 minutes ‘sewing’ today, but I don’t feel like I got very far!! In that I didn’t actually get to sew.

My first pattern is the Colette Patterns Sorbetto top, a new free download.

Colette Patterns Sorbetto Top

I’ve never sewn using a downloaded pattern before, and it took me the whole half hour to cut out the pattern pieces and stick them together.

I started by following the instructions included in the pattern, which suggest cutting out each rectangle completely and then sticking them together. But I found it really difficult to line up the pieces this way, and after a quick google I found these instructions on Burdastyle which were much easier – they suggested keeping the margin on one of the pages for each rectangle, and this made the whole process much quicker as well as more accurate.

So that’s as far as I’ve got, I’m afraid! I also measured myself and was quite shocked at how different my post-baby measurements are. Smaller hips (yey), much bigger tummy (boo), same size boobs (quite surprising).

I haven’t decided yet whether to go with the size closest to my measurements, or whether to do it ‘correctly’ and alter my size – in the interests of time (I do actually want to start sewing at some point, and I can already see that only 30 minutes a day is going to be painfully slow progress!) I am tempted to wing it with the closest size, but I have a feeling I might regret it – more haste less speed, and all that.

And yes, the eagle eyed among you will notice that I was using my baby’s playmat as a worksurface. Sssh, she won’t know :-)

I don’t think I’ll blog about my progress each day, purely as I could spend that time doing a bit of extra sewing. But I’ll check back at least weekly, or more if I’ve done something super exciting that I can’t wait to share. Like, actually sew. Watch this space!


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Sharon June 2, 2011 at 12:10 pm

I love this idea! I may have to borrow it but amend it slightly to 30 minutes sewing a day for me. I sew for work all day and by the time i got a chance to to sew for me it never feels as though i will it worth starting. I look forward to see how you progress.
If i was you i would alter the pattern to fit rather than closest size, it worth the extra time in the end.


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