Taggy toy for baby – a very satisfying make!

July 28, 2011

Hot on the heels of a wonderfully relaxing week in Corfu with my family, I’ve had what has to be one of the toughest weeks I remember on the baby front! I think little E was a bit confused by the whole holiday thing and has found it challenging coming home (“what, no swimming every day? where’s the beach gone? waaaah!”).

So last night imagine my utter amazement/relief that she actually put herself to sleep. I’d put her down and left the room in complete exasparation, to give myself 5 minutes to recentre. And there was no noise. Result = a sleeping baby!!! Wow! And even more amazing, she has repeated the trick this morning! It’s too soon for me to believe it’ll really last, but, it’s a major improvement.

So last night I found myself with a spare hour. And I felt so frazzled from the week that’s been, that I felt I had to use it for myself. Sod the kitchen; sod the mess (and thankyou hubby for so lovingly cleaning the kitchen while I sewed. I love you!). I had to make something, and something fast – I needed to see results. I needed some fast therapy, and instant gratification.

I put my current projects to the side as they’re all a bit slower. I remembered Lil Blue Boo’s taggy toy tutorial from earlier this week and I thought that’d be a perfect quick project that I could really enjoy, and even better, finish. And it didn’t disappoint – I amazed myself at making it in less than half an hour! I almost started a second one before I decided an early night would be a better idea.

For someone that normally overanalyses everything and wants to know exactly where a project is going before starting, there was a real pleasure in just grabbing and doing. I didn’t really plan the fabric; I didn’t plan the shape; the ribbons; or any of it. I just grabbed two bits of scraps that were nice and soft (the owl is needlecord, the green spots fleecey fabric), cut out a rough shape, and then chose some random ribbons and attached them without thinking about how they matched or how to position them.

the front

the back

Definitely recommend this as a quick project to replenish those creative juices. E’s a bit old for the toy now but I have some pregnant friends who may find a few of these on their way to them :)

In separate news, I have another very exciting project on the go, though this definitely falls in to the slow-burner category. I am hand piecing a quilt made from 99 pieces of Liberty tana lawn. More on that soon!

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