Keep bread fresh for longer with a homemade bread bag

August 2, 2011

Recently, I went to a bread baking lesson organised by our local NCT at Munckins Cookery School. I’ve been making my own bread for a while (albeit with a breadmaker) but wanted to learn more about how it’s made from scratch and the processes involved, as my knowledge was limited to “add ingredients to breadmaker >> set program >> wait >> oooh yay it’s finished, delicious bread”.

It was a great lesson and I thoroughly recommend the cookery school. I’d love to do more lessons but they’re a bit too pricey unfortunately; not overpriced, as I can understand why they have to charge £40+ per head, but our budget just doesn’t stretch that far right now!

Anyway, back to the subject in hand: keeping bread fresh. The tutor mentioned that the best way to keep bread fresh is in a paper bag or cloth bag. And with brilliant timing, a few days ago in my Google Reader I stumbled across a fab tutorial for a 5 minute bread bag, made from an old tea towel.

Mine is made from the whole teatowel, not half, as I make quite big loaves sometimes: so it didn’t even take 5 minutes. Brilliant.


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