Where have I been? In the sewing room…

March 6, 2012

Oops….  hello everyone.

It’s been a little while since my last post, hasn’t it?

Thank you to my lovely readers who have sent me messages asking if everything is ok :-) It’s really nice that the online crafting community is as thoughtful and closeknit as it is, and I appreciate you reaching out. And it’s pushed me to finally come back and say a big fat hello to you all!!

And the answer is yes, I am very well thank you, as is my family. My little E is not so little now, she is a running, laughing, talking 22 month old little girl (not a baby anymore – where did the time fly???)

And, even more suprisingly, I have been finding the time to sew! I won’t pretend it’s easy, in fact it has been very hard, though now that little E is getting older it is becoming easier and easier (or maybe I am just getting better at household/time management).

Little E helping Mummy to sew

The reason I haven’t been blogging is purely because, having only limited time available for ‘me’, I’ve been using that time to actually sew, instead of writing about sewing. That probably sounds a bit silly, but as time is so scarce for me those extra 20 minutes mean I do about twice as much creative stuff as I otherwise would.

Knit top from Sewing Clothes Kids Love by Nancy Langdon

daddy's old trousers refashioned

Dress from Lil Blue Boo Handmade Dolls Dress pattern

Sleeping bag for dolly, from a Flossie Teacakes pattern

I do miss blogging though, and now that little E is a bit bigger, and I have a little more time to myself, I hope to blog more frequently. And I have some HUGE (I am not kidding) personal news that I want to share. And no before you guess, I am not pregnant! Watch this space for the news later this week..

L x

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